Losing my father at the tender age of 11 yrs affected my life choices, mindset and current situation.

A journey of self discovery and self development since retiring from the Military as Sergeant after 21 years has allowed me take ownership and come to terms with my life's triumphs and traumas, defining me as a person.

My passion is Elite Mindset Coaching and taking you to a level you once believed was out of your reach.

As a Mindfulness Master, Breathwork teacher and Neurolinguistics Practitioner I specialise in 'Mind Mapping' by imparting knowledge and life skills providing a safe space for you to tap into your Wolf Mindset.



A life ambition to follow in my Fathers footsteps was fulfilled by proudly wearing the uniform of my country.

Excelling in every aspect throughout my Military career achieving the rank of Sergeant with various medals and awards, overseas service, courses and vital life leadership skills.

I specialise in 'Military Mindset' and intuition, where my skills where honed in global hotspots such as South Lebanon, Liberia and Kosovo, operating as a Sniper plus as an expert instructor in Survival, Escape, Resistance and Extraction.


A reason to live. 

Much of my life has been spent contemplating my existence, trauma and life challenges led me to question my existence and desire to live.

As my Military career came to an end I was extremely blessed to meet my future wife Sandra who has not only supported me in my new life leadership journey but also encourages me in my passion to share my experience with others. 

Fatherhood, what can I say? A wonderful chance to be a Dad to two fantastic young boys, watch them grow and thrive in a loving, caring environment,  health and a healthy mindset is the key to survivability and sustainability. 


As CEO of a well established company King Fitness Ltd, I operate in a management and logistic role with a focus on healing through movement and simple nutritional changes.

Qualified as a Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition Coach and Neuromuscular Therapist I blend these skills alongside 'Coffee with Dave' to offer our clients the perfect life balance experience of a healthy mind, body and spirit.



I have a passion for Italian food and coffee! I spend hours in the kitchen trying out new dishes encouraging my two boys to get in on the act! Cooking for me is therapeutic, a chance to create and spoil the family with beautiful tasty food! When it comes to coffee I could write a book!


My favourite movie of all time is 'Top Gun'!! 

As a young boy I would watch it over and over in awe of Tom Cruise and the fast jets! This influenced me in my passion for motorbikes and fast cars plus imagining I was 'Maverick' actually improved my confidence!

I still watch it today!!



I have given myself the challenge of learning to handstand and up to now I still fall over! 

My goal is to practice every day and make small improvements so that one day I can just knock one out of the park!!

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